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On December 5, 2020, Tommy retail chain reopened its renovated store, a maximarket located at Jadranska 1 in the town of Opuzen.

In addition to the expansion of the sales network and to the openings of new stores, we have been continuously investing in the modernization of the sales network and in the application of new technologies in retail trade, in order to make our sales areas as comfortable and functional as possible, both to our customers and our employees.

Tommy maximarket has been renovated and refurbished, the sales area has been equipped following the contemporary standards, so that we can provide to our consumers, who have been recognizing the quality and competitiveness of our offer for years, an even higher level of shopping experience.
The total utilized area of this maximarket exceeds 700 m2 and a larger number of parking spaces for customers has been provided.
In addition to the renovated interior, in this maximarket Tommy offers an even finer and richer assortment as well as special sale prices and a number of other benefits for consumers.
The maximarket’s offer is characterized by a wide range of food and non-food products, and we would especially like to emphasize fresh meat, fruit and vegetables and bakery departments. Daily fresh products are becoming a recognizable part of our offer, with a dominant representation of domestic Croatian food producers.
In the maximarket, the process of packaging acceptance has been modernized and accelerated because of the state-of-the-art acceptance system which has been installed there and which indicates Tommy’s strategic orientation towards sustainable development, environmental protection and application of new technological solutions.