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Today, June 18, 2020, Tommy retail chain opened its new store located in Ulica Europske zajednice 1 in Makarska, within the newly-opened SPOT shopping mall.
The hypermarket in Makarska contains functional and up-to-date equipment, in order to provide a special shopping experience and an outstanding service to its customers. There are also standard competitive prices for which Tommy has been recognized by Croatian consumers.
This hypermarket is the largest and the most up-to-date retail outlet in the area and one of the largest in Tommy’s sales network.
Apart from the inhabitants of the town of Makarska and of all the places in Makarska Riviera, the hypermarket will, along with the entire SPOT shopping mall, surely be recognized by many guests and visitors as a place for shopping at favourable prices, for pleasant stay and socializing.
The total utilized area of the hypermarket exceeds 2500 square meters, it has a large number of parking spaces for customers both in the parking lot and in the garage of the SPOT shopping mall. The hypermarket’s offer is characterized by a wide range of food and non-food products and we would like to specially emphasize our butcher’s, fish market, gastronomy, fruit and vegetables, delicatessen and bakery offers, along with the daily fresh offer, in which Croatian food producers and their products are predominantly represented.
In order to ensure a better functionality of the sales area, fast self-service cash registers have been installed in the hypermarket.
In the hypermarket, the process of packaging acceptance has been modernized and accelerated because of the state-of-the-art acceptance system which has been installed there, showing Tommy’s strategic orientation towards the sustainable development, the environmental protection and the application of the new technological solutions.
The new hypermarket is Tommy’s significant investment and a project whose realization confirms our company’s orientation towards the continuous business development and the preservation of leadership position in Dalmatian retail trade.
On this occasion, we hired 70 new employees, exceeding the total number of 3,900 Tommy’s employees, which is especially important in these specific economic circumstances when each newly-opened job is of key importance.
This is the 211th Tommy’s store in Croatia and the sales network has access to over 75,000 square meters of sales area, which shows, along with a number of other business indicators, that Tommy is one of the leading Croatian retail chains with a great development potential.