In the period from October 5, 2020 to November 29, 2020, a big prize game, in which Tommy is giving away prizes on its consumer cards in the total value of HRK 480.480,00, is taking place.


Natural persons, who in the above-mentioned period in any Tommy store make a purchase in the minimum amount of HRK 38,50 of those items whose barcode starts with ‘385’ (note: for delicatessen products, that is, products which need to be weighed, the valid barcode starts with ‘20’ or ‘21’), or who purchase products with the quality label „Izvorno hrvatsko“ (‘Originally Croatian’) and/or „Hrvatska kvaliteta“ (‘Croatian Quality’) can apply for participation in the prize game called ‘385’. Products holding the quality label „Izvorno hrvatsko“ (‘Originally Croatian’) and/or „Hrvatska kvaliteta“ (‘Croatian quality’) will be specially marked on shelves.


To participate in the prize game, it is necessary to enter the unique code, printed on the receipt, together with your name, surname, address, postal code, town/city and your mobile phone number on the website www.tommy.hr or send this information to the number 60010 (price of SMS is HRK 2,40 including VAT).


The printed codes are located at the bottom of the front side of the receipt. Make sure you keep your receipt until the end of the prize game.

Each participant can take part in the prize game with an unlimited number of purchases, applications on the website or SMS messages sent.

The format for sending codes via SMS is as follows:


Example of an SMS message:

XXXXXXXXXX Ivo Ivic Solinska 6 21000 Split


The prize fund includes:

8 x ‘Annual groceries in Tommy’ in the value of HRK 38.500,00 on the Tommy gift card or voucher (1 winner per week) - total value of HRK 308.000,00 (individual value of HRK 38.500,00)

448 x ‘Daily groceries in Tommy’ in the value of HRK 385,00 on the Tommy gift card or voucher (56 winners per week, or 8 winners for each day of the prize game) - total value of HRK 172.480,00

Total value of the prize fund: HRK 480.480,00


Send your codes via the web form below for the chance to win valuable prizes. For the Croatian version of the contest /  Za hrvatsku verziju nagradne igre molimo kliknite ovdje.