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In cooperation with the Clinic for Children's Diseases of the Split Hospital (KBC Split), Tommy has started a large fundraiser in which it will, in the period from January 27, 2020 to March 15, 2020 donate a part of the funds from each product sold, specially selected and specially marked on shelf, to the Clinic for Children's Diseases.

The Clinic for Children's Diseases of the Split Hospital (KBC Split) has been continuously working on creating the best conditions possible for children’s treatment and stay in hospital through education and professional training of doctors and nurses.

The main idea of ​​the leader of this fundraiser was to improve the conditions of stay of children and parents in hospital through renovation and refurbishment of the existing clinic area, and through the purchase of new medical equipment and furniture.

Because of its central strategic position, in the Clinic for Children's Diseases life-threatened children from four counties, from Dubrovnik to Zadar and from a large part of Herzegovina are receiving treatment. The duty of Tommy, as a company which cares for its citizens, was to get involved in this project and to make its business potential available for the purpose of its realization.

Since Tommy expands its business to Istria in the north and to Prevlaka in the far south, with 205 stores in its network, Tommy wants to give the project a wider meaning and involvement, believing that the refurbishment of the Clinic is in the interest of the wider region, and that the concern for children’s well-being transcends all boundaries. 

In all stores, the products which will be found in this fundraiser will be specially marked on the shelves, and a complete list of products, as well as the amount of donations for each of them, can be found here.

The Tommy company, as a wholly-owned Croatian retail chain, throughout the entire period of its existence, has been supporting with donations various projects and numerous people in need from local communities throughout Croatia. This time we are ready to complete our mission of corporate social responsibility with a significant financial support to the Clinic for Children's Diseases, for the benefit of all the citizens of the Republic of Croatia, and primarily to those who need it the most – the children.