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About us

About us

Tommy chain store was established as a trading company in 1992, when it has begun operating in the trading business.


Tommy d.o.o. is 100% privately-owned, the company’s headquarters is in Split. Over the years, the company has seen continuous business growth and development, despite frequent complex social and market circumstances. Quality strategic and development consideration, market-adjusted and customer-oriented business policy and continuous investment in quality and human resources have resulted in the emergence of one of the most significant and the most stable business projects in the Republic of Croatia since its independence.


Today, Tommy is one of the leading Croatian chain stores, the largest company and the largest employer in Dalmatia and southern Croatia, and in terms of total revenue, Tommy is among the Croatian TOP 25.


Tommy chain store currently consists of 212 outlets, spread across 8 counties and the city of Zagreb. In Split-Dalmatia County as the domicile, Tommy is officially the market leader in retail trade. Tommy's market shares in the Croatian retail trade have continuously been increasing year after year.


We offer our customers very reasonable selling prices with the emphasis on a favourable quality-price ratio. Constant promotional offers add another dimension to Tommy's offer. Our goal is a satisfied and loyal customer who, in Tommy, buys at favourable prices, meeting high standards, comfortably, fast and safely.


The business activity is carried out in four sales formats, hypermarkets, maximarkets, supermarkets and markets. At Tommy's stores, there are over 300,000 loyal customers a day. Tommy currently employs over 3,800 workers. For many years, the company has been a very significant investor not only in Dalmatia, but also in other Croatian regions where it operates, which contributes to the development of the economy and which encourages new recruitment.


Tommy has continuously been investing in new, modern business technologies. Applying them, we achieve positive effects on environmental protection and sustainable development.


As a socially responsible company, we financially support sports clubs, organizations, individuals and events through sponsorship activities, including the largest sports clubs in Dalmatia (HNK Hajduk, KK Zadar, VK Jug, OK Kaštela…). Tommy is the largest sponsor and sport donor in Dalmatia.


We also support local communities and local governments through numerous donations to the institutions, organizations, individuals and events in the field of healthcare, education, culture, traditional heritage and sports, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the population and with the aim of developing beneficial social functions.