About us


Tommy retail chain was established as a company in 1992, when it initiated its business activities in wholesale and retail.

Tommy d.o.o. is a privately held company and its headquarters is in the City of Split.

The company continuously grows and develops, despite social and market circumstances, which are often complex.unnamedStrategic and high-quality developmental judgements, market adjustable, customer-oriented business politics and constant investment in quality have resulted in formation of one of the most important and stable business projects in the Republic of Croatia since it gained independence.
Today, Tommy is one of the leading Croatian retail chains, the largest company and employer in Dalmatia and South Croatia, and based on total income, Tommy is in Croatia’s TOP 40 and among 20 largest privately held companies.
Tommy retail chain currently includes 207 points of sale, which are located across Croatia, in several counties, with special concentration to four Dalmatian counties. In Splitsko-dalmatinska county, which is Tommy’s domicile county, Tommy is officially a market retail leader. Tommy’s market share in Croatia’s retail environment continuously grows every year.

Tommy d.o.o. cooperates with all relevant Croatian producers, which means that Croatian products dominate in offer and selection in Tommy’s stores.

At the same time, Tommy’s business is significant and internationalized because the company cooperates with more than 100 international suppliers from Europe and the rest of the world.

Tommy’s business philosophy is based on complete adjustment to the consumers – buyers – their needs, habits and wishes.

Our objective is a satisfied and loyal customer who buys at Tommy’s at low prices, with quality, pleasantly, fast and safely.

By applying qualitative and hygiene and sanitation standards, we have created a recognizable and pleasant buying environment to our customers, in clean and neat points of sale, with friendly and attentive staff.

We offer goods at very cheap prices, with the emphasis on price and quality ratio of the products and services that we offer. Frequent special and promotional offers give an extra dimension to Tommy’s inexpensive offer.